The monstrous, multitalented chimera that is Sweden’s Pantokrator began to take shape in 1996 with the writing of the band’s debut demo Unclean Plants/Ancient Path. In the nearly two decades and countless concerts since the band’s conception, Pantokrator have developed from an amorphous, pre-mature fledgling of heavy music to a full-blossomed beacon to the mastery of melodic death metal. Finally, after a stint of incessant touring and careful, calculated song writing, Pantokrator are prepared to release Incarnate in early 2014 under Rottweiler Records (US/Canada) / Soundmass (rest of the world).

Incarnate is far from Pantokrator’s first rodeo on the bucking bronco of brutal, bone-breaking music. Pantokrator have released several albums – Blod, A Decade of Thoughts and Aurum - along with the Songs of Solomon split and a spot on 2002’s Power From the Sky compilation, showcasing Sweden’s finest “new wave” of metal. Pantokrator are just that, in fact—a new wave—combining grinding, jarring blast beats that tear at the listeners flesh and rend their skin, while incorporating bone-splintering and skull-splitting slams alongside absolutely visceral, throat-shredding screams. The immense and nigh-unfathomable levels of heaviness and technicality Pantokrator bring to the table is the spitting image of their namesake: “All powerful and Almighty”. While elements of their A Decade of Thoughts are deep, pensive and brooding, they are only matched by the boundless, relentless aggression to be found throughout Songs of Solomon and Aurum, showcasing the true magnitude of the bands multifaceted and multitalented nature.

Pantokrator embodies their moniker by reigning miles above the likes of their metallic peers by melding superlative parts aggression, technique, and musical prowess. With the calm, serene and ethereal elements of their instrumentation clashing with their proclivity to punish the listener with moments of back-bending, spine-shredding brutality, one can only wait in awe and wonder at what 2014 and Incarnate will bring for these Swedish shredders.